Flower stalk on drosera tokaiensis

Here, you can see the development of this plant’s flower stalk over a couple of days! Drosera tokaiensis is a naturally occuring hybrid of drosera spatulata and drosera rotundifolia. This particular plant is recovering from burn damage inflicted when the grow light was knocked over on top of it, which is why a portion of it appears browned. As you can see, though, it is very dewy and putting out healthy new growth, which is a good sign! This hybrid is a vigorous grower and can become weedy in large collections. I will post another photograph when it blooms.

Information on how I care for my drosera tokaiensis available under the cut!

Personally, I grow this plant indoors, on my dresser. I have four large windows in my room, so it gets a decent amount of sun, but I have a grow lamp for it as well for good measure! These love a lot of light. I keep mine sitting in a deep tray full of distilled water, you can also use reverse osmosis or rain water. It’s important not to use tap water, they are very sensitive to water quality. Don’t let it dry out, it loves plenty of water so long as the water does not cover the base of the plant! A couple of inches of water is fine, but you can give it more if you want to not need to refill the dish so often. Mine catches plenty of bugs on its own, even indoors, but you can catch small bugs to feed it if you’d like! More bugs will mean more growth and a higher likelihood of it sending up a flower stalk, but less red coloration.


2 thoughts on “Flower stalk on drosera tokaiensis

  1. I’m glad to see somebody else is into these amazing plants! I have a collection too and am always down to trade and go hunting for some!


    1. They really are great! Unfortunately my d. tokaiensis decided not to open up its blooms this time, hopefully it’s self-pollinated and will still make plenty of seed! I’ve got more photos of my plants but haven’t been able to post them due to difficulties linking the camera to my new computer. I’ll bet your collection is super cool, what’s your favorite that you have?


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